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We did it!!!! October 6, 2007

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For all of you who knew that Steve and I were getting married while we were in Cairns…we did it with out a hitch! We didn’t get much sleep but we had a great day. We managed to leave the hotel at 5 o’clock on the dot and made our way to Palm Cove for the sunrise ceremony. We were greeted by our photographer, got our flowers, and walked down to the beach. We lucked out because the rain subsided for the morning and the sun peaked out for a couple minutes. After the ceremony we played in the sand and the waves for a bit and then enjoyed a delicious breakfast and champagne under the palm trees along the beach. It was the most unforgettable day of our lives.

Since then we have travelled to Sydney and been sight seeing for 2 days. Today was the Blue Mountains which was very neat. Tomorrow we part from the group and head off in a different directions…still not totally sure where that might be, but we are not worried. Steve and I do the bridge climb tomorrow and we hope that the weather cooperates as it started to rain this afternoon.

We finally managed to get some pictures for you all to see.

Hope ya’ll don’t have MUCH snow by now…take care and we miss you all!

The Coulter and Halliday family


Crazy 2 days! October 1, 2007

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We are now in Cairns, which is beautiful but has been raining since we arrived here last night. The flight was a bit rough and our luggage didn’t arrive untill today. Some of us had to do some shopping last night to buy the necessities.

I will give you this link dragonsabreast.com.au which is a link to a website for the races. I think they will have posted times and placings.

Tomorrow is  the great barrier reef tour which we are looking forward to! Today was the tour in kuranda rainforest which was really beautiful. Then we got to learn to throw spears, boomerangs and how to play a dijeridoo (not sure how to spell that). Steve bought one at the markets last week and has been practicing to use it. We also had a delicious BBQ.

Talk soon.


Pics of the race to come September 30, 2007

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I am going to post pictures of the races on the net, I just need time to get to a computer today that i can do that on. The hours of the internet cafes here are very short and they have been very busy with 3000 more people in the town over the week.

Please be patient they are coming.

Thank you


It is time to relax September 29, 2007

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The girls finished up the races today. it was a very busy 2 days, but the girls did  fantastic!!!! As you all know we always finish first in our lane! I think everyone had lots of fun and lots of rays and made lots of new friends.

The excitment of today was the girls finished 2nd in their final race…they were beaming! Overall the girls got to have 5 races total, 3 the first day and 2 today. Even the supporters got to have a race yesturday and one today which the BB’s supporters won!!

Last night after the races all the girls were shipped out to Aussie World which is a amusement park and we all had food, drinks, dancing and rides! You should have seen Rona on ‘the mouse’ (a rollercoaster) I think she had a lot of fun! Almost all of us went on some of the rides and some of us walked away green in the face. Some of the people also went to the famous Ettamogah Pub, which is famous because of an old Australian cartoon.

The parade was on Friday and all the teams came out dressed up. I think the whole town and then some showed up to watch the girls walk down along the beach and through town. After the parade we rallied in Kings Beach park for the opening ceremonies.

The week has really flown by, it is hard to beleive that we will be leaving Caloundra tomorrow. Tonight we are going to be celebrating everyones hard work with a relaxing BBQ down by the pool.

Hope you are all well, we will try to bring the warm weather with us when we come home…hahaha.


Events are getting underway! September 27, 2007

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The parade is going to start at 3 this afternoon and we are about to get all dressed up in pink from head to toe. Later tonight the opening ceremony will be held at the beach and there will be dinner, drinks and entertainment.

Yesturday the girls had another early practice in the pouring rain. Wet but warm. I think they rather enjoyed it. Gladys continues to keep us all entertained!!!

The whole town is covered in pink…all the hotels and highrises are plastered in canadain flags and team banners. It looks fantastic. Our flag is proudly flying on the 10th floor of the tallest apartment building! We could see it from across the harbour this morning.

Races start tomorrow at 8 a.m. so all the girls will be up bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Good luck to the Buoyant Buddies

P.S. thank you for all your comments


Party is underway! September 26, 2007

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We have enjoyed a very nice and hot 2 days. Some of us enjoyed the Steve Irwin Zoo and some other neat attractions yesturday. Our jet-lag is slowly wearing off, some of us are still rising very early in the morning.

Monday night was the Goway welcoming party. It was held at the RSL (Returning Service League) a.k.a. the Legion. it was a very good time, very nice place. We all had 2 drinks on the house and lots of jibber-jabber.

Today Buoyant Buddies had their first practice, so far I heard that the practice went well and the girls are getting very excited. We also got our goodie bags today full of vouchers, shirt, hat, chair..really neat stuff.

P.S. The girls also got all their gear back today from quarantine. Practice is at 8 in the morning tomorrow morning…so no wine tonight i don’t think.

Cheers mates!!!


We have arrived in Caloundra!!!! September 23, 2007

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We finally did it! It took many hours of waiting but it is Monday and we have sort of recovered. Most of us were in bed by 7 local time and up by 2 am, still having to adjust.  On the way to Caloundra from Brisbane the buses were stopped and we spend 2 hours at a truck stop so that all the water gear could be quarantined!!! Would have been helpful to have known that before hand.

The weather is beautiful and warm and just as beautiful as the pictures. Today we are all just wandering around for the most part of the day and waiting to go to a welcoming party tonight!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


We’re on our way!! September 19, 2007

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The blog site looks great. This is the trial run to make sure I know how to work the site. Thanks to Marion we are well on our way.

Fridays the big ship out, hope everyone is ready. I know I am, I’ve been packed for a month. Plus it is snowing here today and I can’t wait to see warm weather again!

We’ll see most of you on the plane…can’t wait. Marion we will miss you.

Good Luck Bouyant Buddies!!!

Lynda Lou


Buoyant Buddies has a Blog!! September 18, 2007

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Hello everyone (or G-day mates, as the aussies would say) .  We have heard your cries and answered your call for information while we are away in Australia for the Abreast in Australia 2007 Dragon Boat Regatta, and have created this blog.  Here is where you will find updates on how we are doing in the festival and our experiences down under.  Keep checking in for the latest and greatest and check the link to our photos (top right of this page) for some great shots!    And feel free to leave us comments so we can keep in touch.